Why I Keep On Keeping On

I’ve served as a Naval Flight Officer, run marathons and ultra-marathons, achieved full professor status at a large research university in 1994, published over 160 scientific articles, advised over 45 Ph.D. candidates, and traveled to 52 countries.

I have been eligible for retirement since 2006 and could have easily and quite comfortably left my academic post with all the financial security I need.

Some might ask, “Isn’t it time to quit?” Yet, I keep on.


Grace makes me stay

First, because I realized many years ago “that I’m just a professor who is lost apart from Christ” and when I consider how far God has brought me, I must ask with King David in 2 Samuel 7:18, “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that you have brought me thus far?”

I stand truly amazed when I consider how far God has taken this Physical Education professor.  I never saw it coming.  Now the grace of God’s great provision and blessing keeps me going.

Grace makes me stay.

I have an opportunity to exert great influence

Second, I keep on because I believe that we professors have one of the greatest mission fields on earth. Whether we are at a community college, a public university, or a Christian liberal arts institution, we have the opportunity to exert great influence on the world leaders of the future. And each term our institutions deliver a new crop of students for us to influence.

In my case, I stay here because I know the eternal impact God invites me to have.

Looking forward to sharing other ways in which God’s grace surprised me in ways I never saw coming.

–Phil Bishop, University of Alabama