Whole Campus 301:  Additional Steps in Building a Whole Campus Movement


1. Hold a “What we don’t say in the classroom” event.

2.  Do an outreach with a professor

3.  Connect Christian students and profs in the same department.

One or more of the professors in a department who are Christians can host a brown bag or coffee/tea reception and talk about “Faith and Scholarship” or something similar. If it is an official gathering, let students know that it is open to both nonChristian and Christian students interested in the topic.

On a more informal basis, a professor might invite some Christian students over for dinner or dessert to her or his home, and encourage them to invite other believers within the department. Given enough time, they can spread the word to many other Christians.

4.   Produce a local version of the “Purdue Video”

5.  Hold a Faculty Appreciation Dinner

6.  Invite a professor(s) to go with you for a week or two on a Spring Break, or on a Summer Cru Global trip or a Stateside Summer Project.

7.   Do a newspaper ad sponsored by Christian profs across the campus.

8.  Challenge leading faculty to subscribe personally and to send the subscription link for FC Missional Moments to fellow Christian faculty around the country. Here’s the link: FC Missional Moments

9. Have leading faculty leadership submit articles for FC Missional Moments. Here’s the link for submissions: