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Faculty Appreciation Dinner Resources

The Faculty Appreciation Dinner (FAD) is an easy way to step into the world of professors.

God can use you to reach professors to change the world. Your ministry will be stronger and better with profs involved. Imagine the possibilities!

We’ve organized all the necessary steps and resources below On this page you will find:

  • A step by step guide on how to host a faculty appreciation dinner – from beginning to end:
    • Vision and Purpose
    • Timeline and letters
    • Announcement for CRU
  • An invitation and program template you can  adapt to your specific campus:
    • Invitation template
    • Program template



Program Template

Invitation Template

FAD Announcement

Faculty Ads


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Faculty Outreach to Students:

Friday Night at the Movies: Written by Walter Bradley

 Two Articles Worth Reading and Sharing with Students and Faculty

Sharing Your Faith with Professors

What Does God Desire from Me as a Christian Professor