1.  Watch video of James Drake, MTL from South Florida and discuss with your students, leadership team and/or staff team.

Video:  https://vimeo.com/144912136

Pwd:  jamesdrake

2.  Show the Purdue video to your students, leadership team and/or staff team.

90 seconds long: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQd_V-B_0js

Show it to staff team, leadership students, at a weekly meeting, and/or to Christian professors. Discuss: What are some of your thoughts/emotions as you listen to this? What are some ways Christian professors could possibly make a unique contribution to a student group? How might student groups make a unique contribution towards encouraging Christian professors?

3. Ask a Christian professor who likely shares our DNA to come to your staff meeting or student leadership meeting.

You might ask them to share about their own spiritual journey, or about what it is like to be a Christian and a professor, including their journey to being a professor, the opportunities, and the challenges. Pray for them.

4. Go to coffee with a Christian professor you know

Professors are generally very busy so don’t assume a long appointment. Better to go 15 minutes, or 30 minutes at best, than to wear our your welcome. You can always try again later. Two questions will always serve you well with Christian professors: i) Tell me about your journey to becoming a professor of Biology (for example). When did you first get interested in it? What was your journey like? What do you do now? This is the “love language” of professors. Ii) Tell me about your spiritual journey. When did you first become interested in Christ? What has your journey been like (the ups and downs)? What is it like now, as a Christian professor? Thank them/offer to pray for them.

The first question works great with any professor.

5. Change how you dream/pray for the campus by praying in a “whole campus” way.

When we pray for dorms, or for athletes, Greeks, and internationals, for example, we are praying like the campus consists of students only. Begin to pray for every student and their professors, or that God might raise Christian professors in each department. You can ask the staff (or students) at a prayer meeting to share their major, and then take time to pray for professors who work in that department; they will likely know many by name. Pray God will gather Christian professors to, and send Christian professors from, your movements. Pray God will work across the whole campus, not just students.

Another idea: do a prayer walk around campus built around academic buildings/departments.

Another idea: challenge students to pray for their professor at the very start of each class.

6. Get your whole staff team to sign up for Missional Moments here.

This short weekly email is sent to over a thousand professors each week. You can sign up for it here under link: Get Missional Moments: http://www.facultycommons.com/.   It will help you learn about encouraging Christian professors. You can forward the link to any faculty or staff or volunteers you know so that they can sign up for themselves.

7. At a staff meeting send postcard/letters to Christian professors, thanking them for their calling as a professor and for their strategic role on campus.

  • Start the staff meeting in prayer. Thank the Lord for the Christian professors on campus.
  • Make a list of those professors. Look up addresses.
  • Write them a personal note, thanking them for: a) following their calling as a professor b) their strategic role on campus
  • Here’s a sample note: “Dear Dr. _____ I wanted to send you a personal note thanking you for living out your calling as a professor at _____ university. You hold a very strategic role on this campus. I appreciate you and thank God that you are the light of Christ our campus. Let me know if I can ever be of service for you.”

8.  If faculty are engaged in social media, encourage them to “like” us at facebook.com/facultycommons and to “follow” us at twitter.com/facultycommons.

9.  Advance your staff/student team’s vision for and understanding of faculty by reading Prof 101. http://www.facultycommons.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Prof-101.pdf

10. Do a Top Professor of the Quarter (or Semester) Selection

Shawn Cramer, MTL in Denver, shared this idea:

Each quarter, we as the campus ministry vote on our favorite professor. Then I take the student who nominated the prof and take the prof out for lunch. I ask them about their journey as an educator and their spiritual journey. This is only our second one, but professors eat this up (literally and figuratively!). We hand them a basic certificate and students get to participate as well. Really fun stuff. I thought you’d enjoy it. — Shawn Cramer

Dr. ????

I represent one of the largest student organizations on campus called Cru. We help students develop in all areas of life: relationally, spiritually, emotionally, academically and socially. We strongly affirm DU’s mission in engaging with students in advancing scholarly inquiry, cultivating critical and creative thought and generating knowledge.

Each quarter we want to highlight a professor who is helping build into DU’s students with excellence. By popular vote, you were selected this quarter!  I would like to invite you to lunch near campus on us with me and the student who nominated you, Kieryn Wurts-Hammond, so that we can appreciate you and present you with the award. Would you be available Wednesday March 5th, Friday March 7th or Monday the 10th for a quick lunch? The 10th is our first choice if multiple days work for you. I look forward to personally meeting you,


Shawn Cramer
City Director, Denver Cru
Affiliate staff of the Chaplain, University of Denver
Campus Consultant, Life Coach and Mentor