Lighthouse Conversations

Doug Dotterweich

Jeremy McNeese vividly remembers the first time he met Dr. Doug Dotterweich. In his freshman economics class at East Tennessee State University, Dr. Dotterweich began with, “I am a follower of Jesus, and I would love to talk about that if you are interested.” “That,” says Jeremy, “was a breath of fresh air for me.” […]

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Spiritual Adventures in Uruguay

2014 Wisonsin faculty team in Uruguay

Professor Frank Jury was presenting a new idea to the law students at University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay: a personal relationship with Jesus can change your life. These students, functional atheists in a very secular country, think of Jesus as merely a historical person. Fascinated, they asked Professor Jury: “Do you talk to […]

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Life’s Hardest Questions

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Most students come to college seeking to explore spiritual issues and the “big questions” of life. They would relish an honest dialogue with a Christian professor who helps them think through themes such as beauty, suffering and justice. Unfortunately, too often they encounter instead atheist professors who are determined to talk them out of faith […]

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Professor on Global Mission with Cru

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Dr. George Davis vividly remembers watching Dr. Walter Bradley stay for an hour answering questions from students after a lecture on science and faith issues. It was early in his career as a young professor at Texas A&M University that Dr. Davis became friends with and was mentored by Dr. Bradley, one of the founding […]

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Gratitude Opens Doors

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“If I just had one student come by my office each year to say thank you, that would be enough,” a Penn State University professor shared. Then he added, “However, I never get that student.” Until recently, that is. The Penn State professor was fortunate enough to be one of 40 who were each personally […]

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Compassion, Not Coercion

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Professor Russ Carlson could not understand why so many messages awaited him when he returned to his hotel while at an academic conference in Texas. A voice message from a reporter with the Atlanta Journal Constitution alerted him that he was accused in a University of Georgia Faculty Senate meeting of coercing and intimidating students […]

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