Faculty Commons

bringing the hope of Jesus Christ to the university and
the world.

“The enormous challenges today facing our nation and the world require men and women whose thirst for knowledge is coupled with spiritual wisdom and moral character. Faculty Commons understands this!”

Marla Frederick

Morris Kahn Professor of African and African American Studies and the Study of Religion, Harvard University

“If I could start Campus Crusade for Christ over again, I would begin by working with professors.”

William R. Bright (1921-2003)

Founder, Campus Crusade for Christ

“There are few things that give me more pleasure than to praise the work of Faculty Commons. Their unique contribution on campus is to nurture those who are professors now and those Ph.D. candidates who plan to be professors in the future. They challenge us to be truly Christ-like—even when there are costs to our discipleship.”

Robert P. George

McCormick Professor of Jurispudence, Princeton University

The Whole Campus - the Whole World

Faculty Commons, a ministry of Cru, is committed to bringing all the resources of the university (faculty, students, and ideas) to the world for the advance of the loving rule and reign of Jesus Christ.

“I know of no other ministry that trains, mobilizes, encourages and sends Christian professors into the spiritual battle on the university campuses as effectively as Faculty Commons.”

Henry F. Schaefer III

Graham Perdue Professor of Chemisty, University of Georgia

FC Missional Moments

Over 1000 faculty find our weekly email news letter helpful as they seek to live for Jesus and love the academy.

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Although they represent less than 1% of the total US population, the faculty on our universities wield more influence on the future than any other group.


Population of US--310 Million


Students in U.S.--19 Million


Faculty in the U.S.-1.3 Million

Our Dream

We in Faculty Commons are men and women who love the academy, who find the person and works of Jesus of Nazareth to be satisfying and true, and who look to Him as the beautiful hope for the world.

We dream of the day when movements of Christian professors willingly wrestle with the ever-challenging question,

“As Christ-followers, what should we do in the academy?”

Rick Hove On the Role of Professors


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Check out these ideas submitted by Christ-following faculty.

Friday Night at the Movies

For many years, Walter Bradley (Walter Bradley retired recently as a distinguished professor of engineering at Baylor University. He was previously a professor of mechanical engineering at Texas A&M University for 25 years, including 10 years as department chair.) used a “Friday Night at the Movies” resource to provide an opportunity for students to be exposed in a thought-provoking way to the big questions about life and to engage in discussion of these questions.

Find out more here.


What We Don’t Say in The Classroom Event

Over the last several years, Christ-following faculty have hosted a “What we don’t say in the classroom” event to expose faculty and students to the story of their spiritual journey.

Find more here.


A Newspaper Ad sponsored by Christian Faculty

Do a newspaper ad sponsored by Christian profs across the campus.

  • Pray for the strategic outreach of faculty on your campus.
  • Challenge those profs to put an ad in the school newspaper.
  • Good times to do an ad: start of semester, Thanksgiving holiday, Christmas, Valentine’s day, and Easter. The ad will usually have a theme to it.
  • Samples of ads. Go to our resources page. Usually an ad will include name and department of professor. Include a link to everystudent.com or other similar links.
  • Call the school newspaper for details about ads. You want the ad to be the biggest ad on the page, but it doesn’t have to cover the entire page. Normally, a student organization can get a greatly reduced price. Have the local CRU movement help set it up. Find out the price. Find out when you need to have the ad submitted by for publication.
  • Challenge the professors to pay for the ad. Or use other means of funding the ad.
  • Have the local CRU movement be praying for the release of the ad.
  • Help prepare the professors to know how to respond when they get comments about the ad.


College Student

My Story–A Student’s Perspective

“Nothing makes sense to me and I don’t know if it is ever going to. I am completely lost.”

April, a freshman, was nearly finished with her latte in a campus coffee shop. She was talking with Paul, a doctoral student in philosophy and a teaching assistant for one of her classes.  She discovered that many professors view Christianity not as “the truth” but as “one culturally-relative view among many.”

April found this approach confusing and depressing.

Paul, a Christian involved with Faculty Commons, had a different perspective. She sought out his opinion and asked:

“If everyone in the world is searching for meaning in different ways and each claim they have found it, how could there be a universal meaning?”

“What if I need to believe in some kind of ultimate reality, some kind of perfection behind all the chaos in the world, some kind of transcendent power…because I cannot live with the idea of being utterly alone in both life and death?”

Paul explained the good news of Christ to April and answered many of the objections to Christianity she had learned in several of her college classes.

He also connected April with Lisa, a Cru staff member. The two met weekly to study the Bible.

A few weeks later, April e-mailed Paul: “A couple nights ago, I finally decided to go for it and invited Christ into my life.  Thanks for talking to me.”

Buff Furman

Buff Furman


Nielson Award Winner

Dr. Buff Furman is a recent recipient of the Nielson Award from Faculty Commons as an outstanding Christian professor. Here is what Dr. John Walkup, National Field Representative for FC said about Buff in presenting the award:

“I met Buff Furman in 2000, shortly after Pat and I arrived back in northern California to direct Faculty Commons’ ministries at the San Francisco Bay Area campuses. I was immediately impressed with his commitment to being a blessing to the faculty, staff and students on the San Jose State campus.

“Buff and his wife Wanda demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ for others. He has a strong testimony for our Lord’s love and grace to all those around him. Moreover, Buff has the leadership skills to which his faculty colleagues have responded during his seven years leading the faculty/staff ministry at SJSU.

“Whenever I attend one of their weekly meetings, I am impressed with the obvious respect that both the faculty and staff show for his leadership. This carries over to his family life; watching them, together with their young daughter, Joy, one sees a genuine picture of Christian marriage and family life.

“Buff and Wanda have participated in seven of our national conferences. Because of their participation and urging, other San Jose State professors have also attended various Faculty Commons conferences. He has organized and led the use at SJSU of the PBS “Question of God” series comparing the lives and philosophies of C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud.

“Buff is one of the most consistently Spirit-led Christian professors we have known. He consistently demonstrates his faith in Christ through his upbeat, encouraging demeanor, the gracious way in which he reaches out to other faculty, to university staff and to his students.”

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Lighthouse Conversations

Jeremy McNeese vividly remembers the first time he met Dr. Doug Dotterweich. In his freshman economics class at East Tennessee State University, Dr. Dotterweich began with, “I am a follower of Jesus, and I would love to talk about that if you are interested.” “That,”... read more

Spiritual Adventures in Uruguay

Professor Frank Jury was presenting a new idea to the law students at University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay: a personal relationship with Jesus can change your life. These students, functional atheists in a very secular country, think of Jesus as merely a... read more

Life’s Hardest Questions

Most students come to college seeking to explore spiritual issues and the “big questions” of life. They would relish an honest dialogue with a Christian professor who helps them think through themes such as beauty, suffering and justice. Unfortunately, too often they... read more

Professor on Global Mission with Cru

Dr. George Davis vividly remembers watching Dr. Walter Bradley stay for an hour answering questions from students after a lecture on science and faith issues. It was early in his career as a young professor at Texas A&M University that Dr. Davis became friends... read more

Gratitude Opens Doors

“If I just had one student come by my office each year to say thank you, that would be enough,” a Penn State University professor shared. Then he added, “However, I never get that student.” Until recently, that is. The Penn State professor was fortunate enough to be... read more

Compassion, Not Coercion

Professor Russ Carlson could not understand why so many messages awaited him when he returned to his hotel while at an academic conference in Texas. A voice message from a reporter with the Atlanta Journal Constitution alerted him that he was accused in a University... read more

Words of Welcome

Each year (since 2001), Christian professors at Oklahoma State University personally deliver welcome gifts to their new faculty colleagues. In addition to a custom coffee mug full of coffee, tea, and chocolate, the gift includes a couple of books: the practical volume... read more

Exploding Myths

Dr. Don Winget describes himself as a former “fire-breathing atheist.” The University of Texas astronomer once adorned the family van with a Darwin-inside-a-fish image that mocked Christians. “When I was an atheist I felt a very strong need to argue with people about... read more

Christian Professors Make a Difference

Go to college and lose your faith? Less likely now than in years past. Sociologist Christian Smith of Notre Dame relays this encouraging information from his book Souls in Transition: the Religious & Spiritual Lives of Emerging Adults: “Among recently... read more

Kindle the Missional Imagination

“The imagination is how things get done. You have to cultivate creativity.”-Russell Simmons How do we help our fellow faculty as well as students engage missional as a way of life? As we help build movements of faculty and students, we’re always in the process of... read more

Religious “Freedom” at Vanderbilt

Should an atheist be allowed to lead a Cru student Bible study? Should a Hindu student be allowed to serve as president of a Jewish student group? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But that is the policy that Vanderbilt University has chosen. Student religious groups who wish... read more

Some Students Find (not Lose) Faith at College

We all know stories of young people raised in Christian homes who abandon their faith shortly after arriving at college. There are (sadly!) many professors who consider this one of their goals for their students. Sometimes—when Christians on campus talk about their... read more